“With more than 20 years of experience in gathering and analyzing shopper insights, dating back to when she served on staff as POPAI’s Director of Research, Lily Lev-Glick has a unique perspective on the evolution of the store as a powerful place to build brands.  Today, Lily has been engaged by POPAI to oversee POPAI’s 2012 Shopper Engagement Study, the largest shopper research study of its kind ever undertaken.  Lily is a high-calibre professional who demonstrates strong proficiency in research techniques and modalities, superior project management skills and expertise in translating complex data into actionable insights that everyone can understand.”

Richard Winter
Former President
Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI)


“Lily has spoken at more than a dozen Institute-sponsored events, always with stellar evaluations from our seminar attendees.  She is a researcher at heart, but she also has that keen ability to extrapolate the data and turn it into actionable information so attendees walk away with insight and nuggets of information that they can use.”

Ronit Lawlor
Director of Education
Path To Purchase Institute


“Lily Lev-Glick is one of a very small but special group in the research industry who has mastered every competency required for a successful and impactful project.

  • Deeply understanding the client’s objectives
  • Active engaged listening
  • Creative approaches to solving complicated problems
  • Developing appropriate methodological plans
  • Constructing powerful efficient questionnaires
  • Mastery of all aspects of data analytics
  • Generating insights from data that go far beyond basic reporting
  • Constructing powerful narratives based on insights
  • Creating actionable recommendations
  • Speaking authoritatively in boardroom presentations as well as large conference formats

Lily has been the guiding force behind POPAI’s research that produced the in-store decision rate of 70% in 1995 and 76% in 2012.  She is an expert at working collaboratively and collegially with partners across complex projects.  I have the highest regard and can provide the highest recommendation for Lily.”

John Dranow


“I have worked with Lily Lev-Glick for over 15 years.  She is a pioneer in the field of shopper insights – in fact, we were working on shopper insights projects together well before there was a shopper insights function within CPG firms.  Lily brings a skill set that is critical to the success of any shopper marketing project.  She has a breadth and depth of understanding of shopper research techniques (e.g., shop-alongs, surveys, eye-tracking) as well as the analytical skills, deep contextual knowledge, and communication skills that are required to convert data to actionable insights.  An articulate speaker and lecturer on shopper trends and behavior, Lily has the rare ability to design and manage complex projects as well as foresee issues and take pre-emptive action to obtain the best results possible.”

Jeff Inman
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty
Katz Graduate School of Business
University of Pittsburgh


“TimBar has developed a relationship with Shopper Sense™.  Lily Lev-Glick has helped us identify and develop a clear corporate direction towards shopper insights that will continue to move us forward in our industry.  Our exclusive insights activation process and creative brief allows us to develop merchandising solutions based on fact.  Shopper Sense™ brings a high level of professionalism and analytical firepower to every research project.  Lily’s insights into shoppers’ opinions and behaviors is second to none.  We continue to cut the data in many ways, and it has greatly contributed to shaping the way we develop merchandising solutions in-store and successfully achieve expectations and ROI for our clients.”

Jeff Rafalski
Director of In-Store Merchandising & Insights
Creative Director at Timbar Packaging & Display/POP Division