Display Optimizer™

Finally… a way to test and optimize in-store merchandising 
Display Optimizer™ 
A breakthrough in measuring display effectiveness

How can you know which of your design concepts has the most potential for success in-store, and to what degree, before you spend thousands or even millions of dollars on rolling out your program?  “Gut instinct” is no longer a good enough approach to decision-making.  The answer is Display Optimizer™.

Display Optimizer is a proprietary research tool used by brands and retailers to quantitatively measure and optimize the effectiveness of in-store merchandising vehicles while still in the rendering stage – before an investment in tooling or production is made.

By implementing Display Optimizer™ each of your design concepts are exposed to targeted respondents via interactive web-based testing.  Scores are gathered for a core set of nine display effectiveness attributes that are proven drivers of engagement and purchase intent.  

These attributes fall into three groups of influence that vary in degree of impact on overall effectiveness of in-store merchandising.  The greater the degree to which these variables resonate with target shoppers and holistically work together, the more likely a display will be effective at driving purchase interest. 

Display Optimizeruses a proprietary predictive model of performance to calculate scores for the tested concepts.  These scores include:

  • Display Performance Index™ of overall effectiveness
  • Centile performance score for each concept
  • A score for each of the nine core attributes
  • Purchase interest
  • Performance scores for up to two custom attributes unique to your program. 

Results are compared to a proprietary database of norms based on over 10,000 individual evaluations across a myriad of displays.  These benchmarks help to gauge each concept’s potential for success.  From these evaluative and diagnostic measures a custom analysis provides direction for design optimization before moving on to production. Versions can be compared, optimized, and a “winner” selected. 

Display Optimizeris not only effective, but it is affordable for smaller budgets.  Most projects turn around quickly with results in as little as two weeks from receiving final concept image files.

To schedule a complimentary webinar with your team to learn more about the nine key merchandising performance attributes and Display Optimizercontact us at 201-244-8796 or with the form below.

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    Display Optimizerwas developed in 2012 through a strategic partnership formed between Shopper Sense™ and POP Displays.  Together, we leverage a combined 75 years of unmatched expertise and excellence in point of purchase merchandising and shopper behavior research.