Point of Difference

We are small in size, yet steeped in over two decades of extensive experience conducting shopper research and translating data into powerful strategic insights that drive game changing in-store marketing solutions.  Our core competency has always been, and continues to be, the understanding of the store environment, the shopper, and what makes an effective marketing-at-retail activation.  Because we focus on what’s happening at the point of decision-making, our expertise and activation of shopper intelligence at retail is unmatched.  We certainly understand the holistic path-to-purchase, and the critical touch points along the way, but we know that if in-store strategies are misaligned, everything further up the pipeline has been executed in vain.

Benefits to working with Shopper Sense™ :

  • The Principal of the company is engaged in every project.  Your needs will never be delegated downward to someone with less experience or decision-making power.
  • We are not commodity driven.  We are relationship driven.  Sure, products and services have fees, but our client relationships have an intrinsic worth, and our meter is never running when you need us.
  • Access to veterans of quantitative and qualitative shopper insights research and analysis.  Traditional brand marketing research approaches just don’t transfer to in-store measurement and shopper marketing.  We cut our teeth on shopper research decades ago and don’t need to squeeze a round peg into a square hole.
  • We have a long track record in the field of shopper insights and in-store advertising/merchandising effectiveness research.  This means countless analyses based on interviews, observations, discussions, and tests with tens of thousands of shoppers, products, packages, and displays.  We are not an agency that has recently added this competency to their portfolio.
  • Ability to handle extensive and complicated multi-modal initiatives.  We were hired to oversee the largest shopper purchase behavior in-store study of its kind ever undertaken – POPAI’s 2012 Shopper Engagement Study.  We are experts at synthesizing multiple teams, stakeholders, and decision-makers.
  • Analyses and implications are formulated through the lens of how to achieve in-store success.  You will never get a data dump, trite analytical commentary, or a canned presentation dictated by a corporate model.   Our insights and recommendations are customized and linked back to your specific learning objectives and success criteria.  We provide actionable insights and don’t leave you asking “what do we do with this now?”
  • We are nimble.  We can turn on a dime to meet your needs or shifting objectives quickly, and because we’ll know your business we will likely foresee it coming.
  • We won’t turn away your project or place it on low priority because it’s too small.  Contract size never dictates how important an initiative may be.  A small project can solve a big problem.
  • We work the way you need us to.  We don’t try to sell you a specific methodology or a black box way of doing things.  We design projects on a client-specific basis and customize each initiative to tie back to your goals and objectives.